Pheromones In Body Oil

Pheromones are secreted or excreted from an individual and can trigger a social response to aid the individual in what ever he/she desires.

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 Cleansing 1/3oz Roll-On
Cleans your mind, body and soul, cleansing body oil will protect you from any evil spirits lurk..
 Do As I Say 1/3oz Roll-On
This body oil will make your partner be at their feet, and follow your every command. ..
 Double Fast Luck 1/3oz Roll-On
Double Luck Pheromone Oil brings luck twice as fast when playing games of chance. It is used by thos..
 Fire of Love 1/3oz Roll-On
Fire of Love Body Oil is used to keep their lovers faithful at all times. Use regularly to maintain ..
 Gay Love 1/3oz Roll-On
The powerful essence of Gay Love will help you gain popularity amoungst a group of certain individua..
 Haitian Binding 1/3oz Roll-On
Haitian Binding Body Oil will give you the opportunity to enjoy the endless love that you have been ..
Bring peace to your relationship, and home by applying Honey & Roses Body Oil. It's soothing aro..
 I Dominate My Partner
Use this Body Oil to assert your dominace and your partner will be at your feet ready to follow your..
 John The Conqueror 1/3oz Roll-On
Believed to aid the wearer in all his or her endeavors, John the Conqueror Body Oil promotes ag..
 Love Honey For Him 1/3oz Roll-On
Guys use this potent aroma to seduce any girl you like ..
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