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9 Inch Jumbo Pillar Candles
Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, pow..
Jumbo Pillar Candle D.A Black/White 9"
This black and white jumbo pillar candle will entice uplifting spiritual vibrations and drive away d..
Jumbo Pillar Candle D.A. Black/Green 9"
This black and green jumbo pillar candle draws good luck, money & gets rid of bad situations. ..
Jumbo Pillar Candle D.A. Black/Red 9"
This black and red jumbo pillar candle attracts love, affection and repels the dark influences. ..
Jumbo Pillar Candle Reversible
Black on the outside, red on the inside. Many use this reversible jumbo pillar candle to burn off ..
Jumbo Pillar Candle Triple Action R/W/B  9"
Peaceful home, spiritual blessing & love. ..
Jumbo Pillar Candle Triple Action R/W/G  9"
This red, white and green jumbo pillar candle is used for love, spiritual blessing & good luck..
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